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We provide important services in the Medical Device Industry

  • FDA Regulatory Consulting - experts at moving your medical devices through the FDA (RFD.'s, Q-subs, 510(k), De Novo, PMA and post marketing surveillance and compliance
  • 3D Medical Printing (3DPMedical) 
  • Technology Development management through the TekniGROW™ process.


 Mr. Fox has worked for over 25 years developing and commercializing medical devices. As a serial entrepreneur leading his own firm, or as a consultant – Mr. Fox has broad based experience that includes medical device design and engineering, pre-clinical and clinical development as well as 15 years of direct engagement with the FDA and OUSA Regulatory bodies. He is a published author on the use of 3D Printing to solve unique manufacturing challenges including the use of 3D Printing for personalized medicine. In Regulatory, Mr. Fox has worked with clients from all over the world pilot cost effective paths through the FDA specializing in orthopedic and neurological devices, companion diagnostics combination products and Genetic Health Reports/Tests . His experience includes traditional IDE’s, 510(k) and PMA’s as well as working on classification of new devices through the De Novo process. Mr. Fox holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science Degree in Management and Leadership (MSML). 

We are Responsive and Experienced

These two words explain the Company's Philosophy.  And we've been executing on it  for a long time.  We thrive on understanding our customer and their needs to tailor-fit how we approach doing business together. 

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